A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about the Mojave Experience…yep…”Experience”.

I referred to the Mojave Experience as Mojo Jojo

Well, I found this shirt while I was browsing one of my favorite t-shirt sites and I had to buy it…

So…let’s say a silent prayer for Windows Vista and their WACK ass Mojave Experience.

*head bowed – left hand up to Jesus*

Nope…didn’t work…

Repackaged Vista still sucks.

Anyways, I’ve done my running around for the day and will be MIA until Monday probably.

Monday is my birthday. *just one more time for the nation*

We’ll be boarding a plane tonight headed for Mississippi – to be at Jackson State’s Homecoming activities.

(UPDATE:) I was hood winked and bamboozled into thinking that I was going to the Homecoming game…

I’ll post photos when we’re back.