We went to a pre-screening of The Ruins Tuesday night, and I have to say…

when the movie comes out….run to the theatre. run. fast.

The Ruins - April 2008 The Ruins - April 2008

That movie was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before…lol. I promise you’ll be cringing and covering your eyes like I was.

If you like scary movies…then this is one that you need to see. Promise.

I’m currently sitting at the Lexus Dealership. Usually, we take Lexi on a Saturday to get service every 3 or 4 months. But this Saturday was booked, so they told me to come in today. I brought my laptop thinking that it would be a 1 hour service and I could sit tight until they finished, and then hit the gym up afterwards, thereby beating the after work crowd.

They just told me that Lexi needs to get new breaks…and that they’ll cost $320.00 USD.

And that I can either sit here for another 2 hours, take their shuttle service home, or take a loaner.

What the hell?

I would opt to take the loaner, but it would be pointless to take a loaner for something that’s only going to take 2 hours at most. The last time we took a loaner, I didnt want to give the loaner back. It was hot fire….lol. I was captivated by the push start ignition something terrible. I like Lexus loaners.

Alright, let me sulk in quiet. This is the pits.