Some people might call it boring.
I don’t.
The weekend started off somewhat rocky, but it ended up right on track. :pray:
Saturday morning, Incog and I headed out for my Aunt Georgia’s house to just…get away.
Sunday afternoon, we drove back to Northridge, and I was able to stop at Bath & Body Works to return the Leaf & Rusher Green Tea Wash that I purchased last week *the tube was slightly damaged at the end*. We ate at Chili’s and finished the evening up at home watching “Hustle and Flow”. I capped my evening off with a nice long shower and Biore Warming Face Cleanser. I’m relaxed…and sleepy…:yawn:

I learned a lot this weekend…to say the least.
I learned a lot about myself, about Incog, and about God.
You see, God has a way of putting people to the test.
But as long as you put your faith in him, you’ll always come out on top.

Have a blessed weekend everyone. Put God first…He’ll guide you…