I’m registered for classes. Does broke mean anything to you? :pissed:

I’m okay…no worries….just…wave some smelling salts over me when you get a chance… thanks.

Did someone even wanna bother explaining to me why CSUN is the devil…BEFORE I went through all of this? *sigh*

Eh well…Christmas break….I get 1 day. I’m going to use it to the best of my ability. I’m sleeping in. So….on December 26th and 27th…dont even bother calling me…i’ll be sleep. I’m actually thinking of scheduling a DR’s appointment during those two days because my head’s been pounding every hour or so for the past few days. I thought it would go away…but it hasnt yet. :(

I think I’ve figured out a way to get the laptop I want. I’m going to have to bend and move a few things…but I think I’ve got it.

You see…I wasnt expecting to have to pay for all of my classes up front (CSUN SUX #1). Nor was I expecting to have to wait until all of my classes for Spring 2006 were paid for in order to qualify for Chapter 35 (CSUN SUX #2). I’m learning…I’m learning.

Anyhow…I’m done with Christmas shopping…done with wrapping presents…done with decorating…done with Christmas Cards…I guess there’s nothing left to do but enjoy the Holiday!

Hope you all are having good days! Stay Blessed