So I was wondering…

If we say how COLD it is outside, will it magically become breezy?

Or, If we say how INEXPENSIVE gas is, will it magically become CHEAP?

Eh Well… it was worth a try.

I need a manicure. And I’ve finally found a place that I like to go to. The only issue is that everyone else likes it too, so it’s usually crowded when I go. The last time I went, I had to wait 30 minutes just to get my eyebrows done and then another 20 minutes to get a basic manicure. I havent done acrylics in a few years, but I’m tempted to do them as the wait time seems to be shorter for some reason. No one ever just wants to do a basic french tip manicure. They can’t charge as much, I guess. Maybe I’ll go today…and it won’t be as bad of a wait… I mean, it’s just a Tuesday.

Over the weekend, Christal reminded me to call Gauthier Total Image Spa to find out if the gift certificates I purchased back in 2004, were still active. And to my amazement, Gauthier Total Image Spa was…no longer. Like…number disconnected…website down… Like…there went $220.00.

I need to find another Spa in the Valley…which reminds me…make sure you check out Loads of information there…LOADS.

Garsh…I need to go grocery shopping too huh? Luckily, Trader Joes is less than a mile away. Good Stuff.

URGH. You realize all of these things mean driving…and guess what else…GAS.

Random Moment:

Yahoo Hosting is the devil. Promise. Don’t ever host with them unless you dont know better or it’s on accident…

Back to Normalcy *or the lack there of*:

It’s hot…and it’s not even 8:30 yet.

Alright, lemme go get ready for work. No work, no gas. *thiz face*

But before I go…here’s a story I read about on D’Lee’s blog the other day: Ware Becomes a Daddy