Sensobi-Missed-Call-ScreenA few months ago, I had the opportunity to Beta Test Sensobi.

And it was great! But not as great as it is now…

While it’s still in Beta testing, Sensobi outshines the default Blackberry Contacts Address Book. And if you’re a business professional, this application will provide you with a great view of all of your business contacts.

Sensobi keeps your contacts, links them to email entries, and call logs. It allows you to set followups, reminds you to make call backs.  Sensobi is the total package for personal and business contact management.

Check out some of the features!

  • Discover your contacts ranked by importance.
  • Reach out to those who need a response from you.
  • Review your past activity before that important call.
  • Schedule follow up reminders right after the call.
  • Tell Sensobi how often you want to stay in touch.

Boon’s Suggestions:

  • Twitter Integration – This definitely needs twitter integration. Allowing a user to DM a contact or @ Reply a contact in addition to the SMS/CALL functions would be great.
  • BBM Integration – We should be able to BBM the contact in addition to the SMS/CALL functions.

This application was tested on a Verizon Wireless Blackberry Storm 2 using OS 5.0.

You can sign up for Sensobi here:

[review pros="You don't have to modify your current address book" cons="While you don't have to modify your blackberry contacts in any ways, Sensobi loads your contacts every time you reboot your phone." sug="Add links to social networking, and increase application load time." score=90]