I hate Subscribe2…it’s the devil.

When you install a plugin there shouldnt be much configuration…

And I’m trying to understand why not just…make changes when the plugin is in development so that there’s not a million people wondering why their emails arent being sent out…

It’s just just….urgh.

Besides that…everything else is okay…no real complaints….YET. a ha ha….

The new business cards arrived when I was out of the office yesterday. The ladies downstairs were nice enough to grab the package for me. I love overnightprints.com. Since we incorporated, I had to put Inc. all over everything….oy.

When incog got home yesterday, we went to see the Harold and Kumar movie until the power came back on.  Can you say…SEXUAL? That had to be the most sexual movie I’ve seen in a long time…

And I even learned a new word. *a tee hee*…don’t ask…until you see the movie…and the shirt that was worn.

Still feel like death…sickness is the worst.

Stay up.