MMMM…..yummy and smooth…..yesterday, I stopped downstairs to get a “Strawberry Blondie”….and BOY was I excited….I could just taste it….all smooth and tasty……with extra whipped cream on the top…..I thought I had found it; the replacement to my strawberry smoothie with Boba from my old job. I think you remember it. It was the subject of MANY a post on this website. As she mixed the frozen yogurt and crisp strawberries that were oh so fresh and ripe….I could just taste it. She couldnt be done soon enough….:yummy:

And the way it tasted….OMG. :cloud9: The heavens opened up and wrapped me in soft strawberry frothy pillows….mmmmmmm…….

And then I woke up.

What the HELL was I dreaming about?

All the while I was imagining my Strawberry Smoothie, I had SUCKED DOWN some type of STRANGE ASS CONCOCTION…

Nevermind the fact that the wench behind the counter didnt know what was supposed to be IN the smoothie….
Nevermind the fact that she ignored my request for NO BANANAS.
Nevermind the fact that EVERYTHING was frozen and packaged easily for her to grab in a hurry *I guess that’s how they do it these days*…..EVEN THE FROZEN ORANGE JUICE came neatly wrapped in a little FROZEN pouch.

I had lost my mind…

While daydreaming of my FRESH Strawberry Smoothie days, I had watched her get LOST in the making of this here “Strawberry Blondie”.

Where was my BOBA!?:typing:
And WTH is frozen ORANGE JUICE doing in a strawberry smoothie……is that the BLOND part? :typing:
What happened to the non-fat milk? :typing:
Where was the whipped cream topping? :typing:
And WHY was she still staring at me with this dumb look?? :typing:
Was it the fact that I had a look of utter disgust on my face? :typing:
Was it because she wasnt sure if she had made it right? :typing:
Is that JUST
LOOKS? :loser:

Awww fuck it…..:wtf:……I’ve decided that there will be no more ordering “SMOOTHIES” from this place….I’ll have to stick to good old fashion water.


I give up.

In other news…Guess who won an award? :curtsey:

Isnt it cute?

Anyhow, I’ll let you guys get back to your day….I hope it’s a good one! It’s FRIDAY! It should be….:surprised:
Have a great weekend ya’ll!