Bait and Switch Like a Mofo…I told you that I had my carpet cleaned yesterday…and that I had forgot to find out what I was charged…well, here’s the full story.

I called this carpet cleaning company “REGAL CARPET CLEANING” on MONDAY. They quoted me $100 and told me that a guy would be here TUESDAY. TUESDAY, the guy shows up late and says that the cord (the equipment is truck mounted) wont reach and that he needs another guy to help him and that they were gong to use portable machines and come back the next day…And because of all this, it’s going to cost me $140.00. *God, Why didnt I just walk away then? Why didnt I just say, “No, Thank you”, and call another company*

So he shows up WEDNESDAY, late and by himself…with the same damn truck and does the work that I was quoted for originally and STILL charges me $140.00. :shocked: I didnt realize until later last night when I got home and had a chance to look over the paperwork. I called the company immediately, but obviously no one was there, so i left a message with their answering service people. :thumbsdown:

The more I sat here…and thought about this….the more upset I got.
1) He overcharged me for work that he could have done the FIRST day he came.
2) He got here, did the hookup to the truck and then sat on the phone outside on my balcony for 10 minutes before he started.
3) IIIIIIIII had to move all my shit! He asked me to help him by moving chairs. If I have to help you to do your work, you should NOT be overcharging. :pissed:

It’s funny how you think of all the things that you shrugged off, when someone does you dirty as hell. I should have sat on this couch and not budged a muscle when he asked if i could move all the chairs. I should have asked him if he needed assistance locating his magic cleaning wand when he was outside on the balcony big choppin it up. BottomLine: I should have just said “No, Thank you”, and called another company.

So…I called the company again this morning, once the clock hit. The lady told me she’d have one of the owners call me back. Once he did, he gave me the run around, asking me: if im SURE “the guy didnt say that he was charging me more because of the condition of the carpet”…like I’m BOO BOO the FOOL. :shocked:

My response: “Don’t play like this is about the condition of the carpet. The whole reason the guy said he had to come back the next day was to bring another guy with him, and to use a portable machine. He came back the next day and he didnt even use the portable and he was BY HIM-SELF.” :uhh:

So…he’s supposedly going to call me back with the guy on the line so that we can discuss it on speakerphone. We’ll see…pray for my sanity. :uhh:

The saga will continue tonight…