Thanksgiving Weekend

After work on Wednesday, I drove out to see my sands Britni, her newborn and my best friend Christal. Baby is SUPER CUTE! Congrats sands!

Incog and I woke up early on Thanksgiving Day. While he went to the gym, I went to handle some of my own errands. Once we met up at home, we showered, got dressed and headed out to Los Angeles to meet with his family for Thanksgiving. It was good to meet another side of Incog’s life. :tearsjoy: After that, it was back on the 101 FWY to my mom’s house to meet with MY family. Everyone was super hungry when we got there…and I think we all contracted the itis after we scarfed down all that food…lol. That night, I think my arms were going to fall off…we drove about 100 miles that day back and forth on the freeway… and I was getting sleeper with every passing minute on the Freeway. As soon as we got home, it was SOO good to relax.

On Friday, we ate, watched tv, and slept until the afternoon. We drove back out to his dad’s house in Gardena and hung out with him for a minute before meeting up with his sister and nephew for dinner. Good Convo, Good Food, Good Friday.

Saturday was very relaxed…we didnt want to do anything…so we watched football and the Good Times Marathon pretty much all day…

If Purging Wasn’t for Dummies…

*scratching forehead*

I shouldn’t have gotten up for an extra helping of Lumpia on Thanksgiving…

As the new year approaches…and summer does the same…I have a never ending need to lose 30 pounds. I got off my toosh yesterday and went to the gym. It’s not that I havent been going, it’s just that…I havent been putting my ALL into it when I DO go. So…I bought a scale that calculates body fat, and body water as well as weight. I want to make sure that I’m doing what I need to do.

Impulsiveness Dies with Age

I almost bought a laptop lastnight on Ebay. As I get older, I realize that I’m not as impulsive a buyer as I used to be. If I wanted it, I’d go buy it. It took me about 3 weeks to talk myself into buying a new car…given my car was only a 2002 Accord, and I didnt have a car note anymore. I’m realizing that time to think actually helps. Had I bought that Laptop last night, I would have ended up with a dud. Upon futher inspection and conversation with the Seller, I found out that the Laptop had a few scratches on the bottom, and that it only had 28MB of HardDrive space. :pissed: Thank GOD, I didnt Bid.


After talking to my Spec this morning, as I normally do…I realized that I will probably be refinancing Lexi after 6 or 12 months or so. A lower car note would be grandfabulous. I’ve been an monthly member of Equifax Credit Watch 3-in-1 for about a year now. It’s what helped me pay off all of my open credit accounts once I graduated from USC. It helps to know where you stand, and what you need to do to have UNDENIABLE CREDIT. It alerts you everytime someone inquires on your credit, and everytime something is ADDED/DELETED/UPDATED on your credit report. I like that. It helps me look out for fraud being that I run an internet business. If you dont have it, you SHOULD, even if your credit is A+++ .

Thanks for the Prayers

Thanks to those who prayed for my grandmother last week. She’s doing much better now. :)

Wow…that was a long post…or…at least it seemed that way. I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving Weekend…let’s get ready for Christmas! Stay Blessed!