much like the last supper…I made my final *well kinda* purchase until the Texas trip…:thumbsup: I finally bought those Juicy Couture Angel Pants that i was killin for….but that will be it for a while, except for the few things i’m getting from BIG 5 today. Actually…anyone live in Texas… it hot there right now? Will I sweat out my fresh press when i go?

I bought some Pilates workout tapes to do when i get back from the gym everyday, and also for Thursdays since i dont go to the gym on Thursdays. I tried them out when i got home yesterday…and MAN, *holding head in hands*…..what a workout. lol. I called my mom to ask her SOMETHING and she was mad cause i was grunting in the phone…:blush:

Anyhow, after work, it’s Northridge, gym, pilates, sleep….in that order. :thumbsup: Glad everyone’s been doing so good on their weightloss track these past few weeks…..keep up the good work! :grouphug:

Til tomorrow…..

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  1. Dayrell

    I would check the weather on or That’s usually what I do before I travel. A friend of mine lives in Houston to, and he said that it’s been pretty much warm out there lately. Not to bad though. But the south tends to be kinda humid, especially when it starts to get warm, so I would STILL keep my guards up…by bringing some extra hats and silk scarfs if need be. And you’re right. Pilates IS a workout. People just don’t know! lol.



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