Things are good and I can’t really complain. After work yesterday…*left at 3*, i set off to the ‘ridge to get some gym time in. I think my body’s fighting me…:thumbsdown:.It’s content on where it is, and all this extra gym and walk time is really starting to get on its nerves…….eh well….it’ll get over it. lol. Charging the IPOD at work so that i can just get on the treadmill and go without having to worry about how much time i spend using the IPOD and concentrate on getting fit in the areas that need to be fit. :thumbsup:

Things are going good on the moving side as well…my old manager called me up to find out when she can come get my executive desk…lol. Everyone in the complex is fightin over that thing….maybe i shoulda sold it instead of giving it away. They’ll have fun getting it OUT of the apartment…..EH WELL…as long as they dont mess up my computer SETUP, i have no issues. :soapbox:

I’m guessing we’ll start moving the rest of this crap this week and this weekend….packing has gone okay…just taking my time since i HAVE time….

And just so you know…I’M VOTING FOR Villagarosa. :thumbsup:

Anyways, hope everyone has a good Tuesday…..