It’s the weekly wrap up for me….finally getting things the way I want them to be…

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*sigh*….i Love my new job….it’s everything that I thought it would be….Challenging, Fun, Exciting…all rolled into one. I know that it’s going to prepare me for the GRE and for the Series 7 if I decide to go that route. The people are great, and the environment that I’ve always dreamed of. :surprised: When the office moves even closer to our house, things will be even better…:cloud9:..everyone at work is really excited for the move as EVERYONE *including the CEO* lives in Northridge.

Last night, me and incog chilled…..he made Fetuccini Alfredo….MAN was it TASTY. :chat: This morning, I had to get up kind of early in order to finish up some site requests and modifications. NO complaints…but I’m looking forward to this evening…..

I met up with my Trainer this afternoon to go over my expectations and to pay all those wonderful Personal Trainer fees. He’s going to be helping me to get to where I need to be so that I can start doing Print again….that’sthe plan….:shhh: . I believe tonight, me and incog will be going out to Santa Monica to walk around and eat. YAY for relaxation. :uhh:

Even though I love my job, I always dread mondays….:sick: . But I gotta do what I gotta do…I was able to burn MH – Naked this morning, so that I can have “drive to work” music. I havent burned a CD in FOREVER. God, I think the last one was Amerie…lol….and I un even listen to THAT. :duh:

Anyways, Kisses and Hugs ya’ll….. I hope you have a Blessed Weekend….I’m sure I’ll be logging in tomorrow to tell you how my trainer tried to kill me……