uhhh….in a nutshell…a BUST. :thumbsdown:

the NERVE….i’m at a loss for words right now. I rushed home from the gym to see this girl act a fool on America’s Next Top Model. My arms hurt, but if she was in swinging distance…..woooooooooooah buddy….makin Tyra yell….smh.:wtf:

It’s been a perty okay day….went to work, came home, relaxed for a while, then went to Ballys in Hollywood…much bigger, but more people…having to wait for a machine was not something i liked…but hey.. *shrug*. When i was leavin the gym, this trainer ran after me and asked me “how long I’ve been coming to Ballys”…and “how he’d never seen me there before”, and how he “wanted to give me a free session on him”….i was like dang…Do i look THAT bad? *sigh*….imma squeeze into that biskini in June if i have to….dun trip….. :thumbsup:

Anyways, Kevin Hill is on…..must go. :heartbeat:


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  1. Jorge

    I can’t really say I America’s Next Top Model but I did hear in the radio about Tyra’s ranting towards a contestant. Bally? Amazing gym but I don’t like the whole idea of being under a contract. I attended it with a 1 month free membership but I opted to stay with my local gym instead.

    Nice perky site!


  2. Chevonne

    :thumbsdown: @ Tiffany is right. I guess she was just afraid of change and/or getting past her comfort zone. But Tyra’s rant was no joke :hissy:

    I thougth she was cool up until last night. Hopefully Tiff learned from that and will take what Tyra was trying to say for what it was. I guess when she saw a challenge, she ran from it instead of facing it.

    And good job with keeping up at bally. I’ve become sooo lazy :shhh:


  3. Dayrell

    I was so SHOCKED watching that show. All kind of expressions ran across my face. I never expected the show to take that kind of turn. WOW!

    Go ahead with your gym motivations to. That’s great! And I agree with Kel…he was trying to hit on you. Really! But hey, take that gym session girl. I would! lol. :smile:


  4. lashundra

    yea i was upset tiffany made tyra go off i’ve never seen tyra that furious, tiffany just gave up she is a beautiful young lady but that attitude and she really did read better than the other girls all she had to do was make up some names but she did well it was just when she finished and said “it’s been a failure one after the other” i was shocked tyra sent home 2 girls.


  5. Cymple

    HELLO!!! He was trying to say that you look THAT good… not THAT bad!

    ANTM was whoa! Tiff was really a punk because she never put in the extra effort. She was afraid of changing like she said. I don’t believe Tyra screamed on her like that, but Tyra was right.

    On the news at 10, Tiff said that she knows that Tyra loves her etc and that Tyra is her mentor now, so I guess a positive thing did come from it all. :hug:


  6. golden...

    you know i so didnt’ think that was necessary on national tv but then again i don’t watch regularly so i guess i shouldn’t talk!

    i hate waitin on machines! that’s why i mostly do classes!

    thanks for stoppin by! I love love your spot!


  7. Princess Dominique

    I was shocked. My satellite went on the fritz right at the point they had the arguement. I have to wait until Friday to see it. But I was so heated with Tiff’s behavior the entire show that I didn’t even want to blog about it. She surely disappointed me with her woe is me attitude. I didn’t like it on itty bit.


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