Wow, what a movie. I know i know. I’ve ready many blogs where many people said that they didnt like the movie. :razz: In fact, when we got there i was expecting to be in a small theatre with only a few people. But that wasnt the case. When incog went to go get the tickets, they warned him to get there an hour early to line up….*surprise look*…so we did. We got our panda express and ate while we watched the line. After we finished, we hopped into our places. The movie was very cool *graphically*. I dont know what i was expecting. I hadnt read the summary, just skimmed over a few blogs. But overall, I was happy, and I dont feel like we wasted money.:twocents:

Happy Saturday! *well Sunday if you want to get technical*


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  1. Frank

    Now you see? That’s what I’m talking about. I purposely passed over the blogs that had reviews about the movie. Actually, regardless of whether there reviews were good or bad, I was going to see the movie anyway. But like yourself, the wifey and I really digged this flick. I don’t want to go into detail so that I don’t spoil it for others who haven’t seen it, but I really liked it from beginning to end Miss Courtney. And I will say, the fear factor in the movie rose from the 9-11 like elements of the film with the destruction of buildings and cityscapes. And some creepy looking aliens too.


  2. Thea

    yea i liked the movie. I dont read summaries cause people have diff. views and i dont want it to affect me seeing the movie. But i liked the ending…kinda deep


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