Bad Girls Club Season 4 Natalie(read: train wreck)

I mean…I’m just sayin…

But I watched it…twice times actually. It’s one of those shows that makes you feel dumb for watching…but not “cool” if you don’t know what new drama happened when people are discussing it on Twitter while they watch.

One of the characters, Natalie Nunn…and yes, I used the word “character”….happens to be a graduate from USC.

*hangs head*

But I don’t know her…

And apparently…she “runs LA”.

…which is great…because I may have to lean on the good cardinal and gold bond for a fix-it ticket that I R.E.F. USE to “fix” for the second time. I like my window tint. *pout* And that shit takes a whole afternoon to take off and another afternoon to put back on…(but that’s another story…)

I must admit…the role they picked for Natalie seems to suit her.

The things folks will do to be on TV these days and gain a little bit (read: D list) of notoriety is astounding.

My first thought of Natalie was one of… “Damn, they must have put her on the show as a joke for the first few weeks. She reminds me of that annoying / slightly crazy chick that plays on PUNKED’ “.

Or…wait..not “Punked”.

What’s that other show where the chick is annoying as f**k and they try to see how long you can deal before handing you $100?

Yea… that.

Another castmate, Kendra, happens to be a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

And apparently…she’s had a threesome and her favorite position is “standing up bending over the side of the bed”.

*mr furley eyes*

Well…at least she’s honest. Don’t judge her.

I wonder if she/Oxygen had to get a release to show all of that ‘nalia on TV…or whether or not she’ll actually wear some ‘nalia while on the show… or maybe…throw up the pinky once or twice…you know, just for good measure.

I’m interested to see how far Oxygen is going to allow them to go. It seems hitting and pushing and touching is allowed on the show now. And maybe…punching isn’t? *shrug*

Whatever the case may be…

*sets AT&T Uverse Web Remote to record series*

I’m gonna be “cool” on twitter…my ninja.