Here we go again!

*rubbing hands together*

Alright, I’m gonna just go with…I weight: enough.

And I’m attempting to lose 10 – 15 lbs by Valentine’s Day.

That’s going to be my first goal.

Me and my trusty friend right here are going to do it… I had one of these before, but it was a cheap one, so it didnt work quite right…I mean, I was walking like 70 miles per day *eyeroll*


Talking Pedometer with FM Radio

Pedometer announces walking features and plays FM radio station through the same headphones!

This stylish pedometer measures distance walked, calories and steps. Announcements for walking functions and data are delivered conveniently though the headphones. The FM tuner features 5, user-selectable channel presets and auto-scan. Pacer beep keeps the user on track toward exercise goals.


If you work from home, and you’re at your desk most of the day, this is good because at the end of the day or early in the morning, you can go to the gym, and you can see how many calories you’ve spent… and you can also see how many calories you COULD have spent if you were moving throughout the day as opposed to being sedentary.

Alright…enough. Peace.