Well, it was just as I thought it would be….Jesus has always come through for me….I’m SO loving my new J-O-B. :surprised: Everyone is really young, really cool, really laidback…..and you KNOW how i feel about my Technology. I have to have my dose morning, noon and night…and that’s pretty much what I get. :thumbsup: Man, it feels great getting paid for something I love to do….and then to come home and make more?! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: TOMA TOMA TOMA! lol

Anyways, today went by pretty quickly just getting accustomed to sleeping in a little later and coming home a little later….but I dont mind….not one bit. The drive is WAY shorter…so I’m not chompin at the bit on the SLOW-0-5. :pissed: I’m actually feeling perty good on the freeway being that it’s only 30 minutes compared to 45 – 1 hour. :smile:

I relied on my Grapeade to get me through the day….I unno ya’ll…it might be my new Strawberry Smoothie. :uhh:

Anyhow, kisses and hugs to incog for helping me to start the day of right….and allowing me to aire my concerns and tell me everything would be okay…:kiss:

I’m about to go do a grocery run, but I just wanted to give ya’ll an update…. love ya’ll!